Wms layer ushahidi 2.7


I would like to add a wms layer to overlay over a google map…
I installed the ushahidi 2.7 and I also installed the plugins that I found here: https://github.com/kigen/Ushahidi-plugin-wms …but it doesn’t work!

can someone help me?

NB: the wms layer that I want to add is a “raster layer”, that has its own colors… when I try to add the layer in my dashboard I must “select a color”…it’s possible to avoid to fill this information?

this is the website I’m working on: http://lidar.geo-wiki.org/



hello, I show on your site that you were able to overlay multiple wms services as a layer on top of base map. Can you share how you did? I am trying to the same thing.
many thanks in advance.