Windows Phone 7 app?


I was wondering if you have and/or are developing an Ushahidi app for the Windows app store. I am working on a project with crowdmap so it would be very useful if I could utilize the app like other members on the proeject do with their android phones.


Hey SantRamos,

At the moment, no Windows Phone app in development although if someone from the community was interested in spearheading that initiative, we'd be happy to help out.




Catch 'n throw is an Super social app with which you can use to throw pictures into the world of other Catch 'n

throw users and get a response.The app has a free trial version, which is fully functional, but can only throw 3 pictures.

The paid version costs 2,49 USD. you can get this application at: or to the windows markeplace on:


Dale & johnandle,

Thanks for the information. I've been searching around for the past few days with no luck. It's nice to have some other options.





I would love to head this initiative.

Will let you know when i am ready to get started, which is soon.


Am still using on my lumia, working great as of now.