Where does the data in custom form fields get stored?


Greetings! I have worked with coders to create a couple of customized Ushahidi systems with custom forms that export all the data we enter. For a project I'm working on now, I may not be able to afford this. If I create a custom form in Ushahidi and add fields, where does that data go? It doesn't come out in the CSV when I click 'Download Reports'. But surely there is a way to retrieve that data? Please let me know if so, what it is, or if not, this is definitely something to work on adding. Surely there is a way to access this extra data for analysis later.


HI Lkammerud, there have been updates to the Ushahidi and Crowdmap software to fix this bug.

Crowdmap was automatically updated. To update Ushahidi core platform, see our blog post.

As this is an older post, I am assuming that you may have had a workaround. My apologies for the delays. (we can also be contacted on our community mailing list and via skype/irc)