Where and how can I resize the map?


I previously looked through the javascript and found a function called constructCanvas where it claims to set the size to a default size of 400 by 300. But after further inspection it says that it only sets that if the element is not already sized. Where is this element in the code? where does it get sized?


What happens if you increase the size of the div that holds the map?


Do you want to increase the just the height or just the width or both?

Either way, this can be accomplished by adjusting some CSS values.

Let's use http://demo.ushahidi.com as an example and assume we want to increase the width of our map: http://ushahidi.pastebin.com/WN85xTAa

If you want to make the map span the whole width of the web page frame (kibera.ushahidi.com) then you'll need to edit the div structure of the "main" view.

It's not very elegant at the moment, I know.


Where and what exactly do you code to get this? (Full Width Map) I realize there is a plugin now to get the full screen, but I don't like where the plugin places the button on the page... I'd rather have this.



I am after the same solution, but I'd like something "fluid" all width of active window and if may be possible "pop it out" the main page in case you need to display it on an external window connected to a big flat screen

I'd really appreciate any README to follow I may do it myself but a dev guide will be pretty usefull



I am also interested in changing the map size. I followed instructions from pastebin link but was uncessuful. Does these instructions refer to a specific version?

I like the map size from kibera.ushahidi.com


All you need to do to adjust the width of the map is modify the CSS value in the style.css file. The CSS class you are looking for should be "div.map".

Good luck!


Yes, but then you need to modify all the other elements around the map, don't you?


Yeah, you'll have to play with the CSS a bit to get things looking the way you like.


I think I'll stick with the plugin for now :) But I do need your help with a couple other things I just posted, sir.




Don't you think it should be time for having some documentation for customization in that sense ?

I would like to have a full width map side to side of the web page when is open as well as move the elements on the design.

Maybe using some templating system or making some documentation of how to change things could be appreciated


Juan Fach


I've done all that and I've been unable to change the size of the map on the main page.

Can you provide any other usefull HOW TO that I can do myself ?



Hi guys! :))

I don't see how can I open the topic, but please help! All the day today i'm trying to figure out what's goin on and can't :)

I've installed everything according to the instruction, everything is cool, but there're two bugs on my side probable:

1. search box under the map doesn't work!

2. when I put a sign into some point a bit after it appers in quite another place. Just moving itself or something :)

Please advice!! :)

Really waiting!