Using the iphone app - where are the listed deployments pulled from?


I realize that most of the data from the iOS app is pulled via the web service api but I was wondering where the Ushihadi Demo URL is specified (as the default) and how it retrieves the lists of deployments it can add.

I would like to customize the list of deployments to be offered and possibly select one as the default - thus negating the need for the demo deployment to be listed at all.

I hope that makes sense. Thanks for any and all advice.

Brandon (phishee)


To update the post for others, here is the response from a Ushahidi iOS developer:

Currently the Demo Map is hardcoded into the app, simply to provide first time users with an example.

Regarding what maps can be added, clicking the Plus button will display the Add Map dialog which uses your current location to find maps near you (default is 500km).

Clicking the Refresh button on the App Maps dialog displays an item picker allowing you to change distance.

If you are un-able to find the map based on your location, you can always click the Plus button on the Add Map dialog and manually enter your own map URL.

FYI, the app pulls maps from our server API

Note, you can always remove maps you've added, including the Demo Map, by clicking the Edit button on Ushahidi Maps screen.