Ushahidi with Event time, with deadlines and so on



I want to manage events, like ushahidi, but including importants dates to the event, start, end, deadline at 5 dates... it is possible? it is necessary include any puglin? (howto to make this plugin?) There are any alternative to ushahidi?



i'm trying to find the same thing..any updates since 2010?


did you found any solution to that issue since 2010?i'm trying to develop a similar thing for a coordiantion project platform..any ushahidi instances to look at or website will be welcome!


HI Folks, we have been collecting feedback and requirements for how people use Ushahidi. This is one of the items that is requested.

Wiki - Ushahidi 3.0 wish list  

Keep watching our mailing lists and blog for upgrades on this topic.



To add to this, I’d like to see the timeline expanded to show the event’s start and end date, and to be able to search for events that are active on a certain date, (i.e. between start and end dates).

Also, in some deployments, the time is not as important as the date - is there a way to turn off the time fields in the reports?


Hi urbanworkbench, Thanks for input. We’ve been collecting feedback here -

Time fields might be able to turned off with custom forms or a custom deployment.

Please let us know more about your deployment