Ushahidi vs crowdmap


HI all, I need to know the differences between Ushahidi on my server or crowdmap, I need this for a client, I suppose the most easy is that you tell me what I loose if I choose Crowdmap or if there is no difference please explain me.

and what about Crowdmap with pay option?

I’m focused in custom forms, custom users and private maps.



Hi @micuentadecasa. Apologies for the delayed response.

1.Crowdmap Classic: This is the cloud based version of Ushahidi, which you can get setup on your own in just minutes. It’s simple and easy to use, and it resides on our servers.

2.Ushahidi core: you can download the main application at Follow directions to setup and install it on your own server. The value here is that you get to do all types of customization to the site, so it’s much more personalized. The complete manual on how to use ushahidi can be found here:-

I hope this helps to clear out the difference between the two products?