Ushahidi Multi-Site


I realize there are lots of other priorities - but what are the odds of an Ushahidi Multi-Site option -- for those of us who want to run several sites / domains from a single install / database?

A la Wordpress MU (now Multisite)

I assume there is a framework for that running CrowdMap - anything for us mere mortals to play with?


In Ushahidi this is referred to as MHI. In application/config/config.php


* Turn MHI on or off. This is an advanced feature that will drastically alter
* the way your instance works. Please read documentation before proceeding.
* @see [A URL not yet created]
$config['enable_mhi'] = FALSE;

beyond that I'm not really sure how it works as its basically only used by Crowdmap


Thanks - sounds like a big proceed with caution is warranted.


+1 on this request.


Hi folks, can you share examples of this working? It would be good for folks to be able to learn from it