Ushahidi Iran


We're in the final stages of development at least for our beta launch. We have the main translation done for fa_IR, that is the ui_main.php file. The installation is far from a complete Farsi port, but as far as the user experience goes we have got the main bits done at least for launch. There are still some other things to sort out, ie, getting the rss feeds from other news sources to update on their own (it only updates when I hit the manual button it seems) and for some reason none of the twittering from #iranelection is coming in. We also want to in the next phase of development sort out mobile phone texting, but that's another learning curve to hit later.

We're going withe a pretty basic design and when it launches the accompanying Wordpress blog has a modified version of the Titan theme to go with it. We just need to sort out some content elements and then we're going to release it to a group for review and then launch it, but the Ushahidi portion is currently not blocked:


Great work. I'll be teaching journalism in the fall in the UAE. Let me know if you need any assistance -- would love to help out.


Hi Guys, I’m working on a Persian/Farsi deployment of Ushahidi. I couldn’t find the language files on github. Any comment on where I can find them?


HI Kamangir, we’ve moved translation and localization to transifex

How to add files.

The files

Thanks again