Ushahidi client - Missing libraries


I used these docker containers

And I get following error as displayed on image. I cannot conclude anything from these errors except I am guessing that some libraries are missing. Anyone has an idea what could be the cause of these errors?



The platform docker image from Quantum Object is currently broken due to large internal changes with the new lumen framework in the develop branch. I tried debugging it, but there is just too many changes for it to work.


Can’t say much abougt the QuantumObject images, but we’ve got a solid (and updated) base for creating docker images in .

Haven’t quite got yet to automate a release process to docker hub, but I would love to do that or see someone providing suggestions/code .


I would love to use those, but right now you end up in a dead end of the docker rabbit hole when you try to deploy them. The dockerfile depends on a custom php-fpm image, which in turn depends on a custom debian image which is nowhere available publicly as far as I can tell. Funny how you can have a sort of dependency hell with docker as well :man_facepalming:

Would be great if the official dockerfile could be rebased on an official dockerhub base images though.


Try again, the latest Quantum Object docker images seem to work more or less.