Ushahidi api library



any use this? know how to use it?


would like to want to be able to forward reports to another ushahidi instance

  1. create a new Ushahidi_API_Library object in your code and then go to town. huh?



or the new sharing feature on version 2.7 do that? how do you access that?


HI Steve, we have some documents on the wiki about the API:

As well, we are working on rebuilding the whole API for 3.0 . See Robbie’s post on this topic

Perhaps get in touch via our mailing lists or skype/irc?



Hi Steve,

The ushahidiapilibrary plugin just makes it easier to work with the existing API. The API itself is built in to 2.x however its a bit rough.

The sharing plugin in core is also a bit rough, however you can also try my reworked sharing plugin

Its not perfect but it will enable you to pull reports from one deployment into another one.

Hope that helps,



this is what happens when i try to activate sharing_two

A database error occurred while performing the requested procedure. Please review the database error below for more information.

system/libraries/drivers/Database/Mysql.php [367]:

Database error: Unknown column ‘sharing_incident.incident_description’ in ‘field list’ - CREATE OR REPLACE ALGORITHM=UNDEFINED DEFINER=CURRENT_USER SQL SECURITY INVOKER VIEW sharing_combined_incident AS SELECT AS id, incident.incident_title AS incident_title, incident.incident_description AS incident_description, incident.incident_date AS incident_date, incident.incident_mode AS incident_mode, incident.location_id AS location_id, incident.incident_active AS incident_active, incident.incident_verified AS incident_verified, ‘main’ AS source, NULL AS source_url FROM incident UNION SELECT AS id, sharing_incident.incident_title AS incident_title, sharing_incident.incident_description AS incident_description, sharing_incident.incident_date AS incident_date, sharing_incident.incident_mode AS incident_mode, sharing_incident.location_id AS location_id, sharing_incident.incident_active AS incident_active, sharing_incident.incident_verified AS incident_verified, sharing_incident.sharing_site_id AS source, sharing_site.site_url AS source_url FROM sharing_incident LEFT JOIN sharing_site ON (sharing_incident.sharing_site_id =