Ushahidi API configuration


Hi all,
I have a problem with installation/configuration of ushahidi api. I have installed platform and it is available via web browser at the port 80. Now I tried to install api (following guide But when I run composer install (with or without parameter --ignore-platform-reqs) it returns an error
> Generating autoload files
> > \SebastianFeldmann\CaptainHook\Composer\Cmd::install
> ‘commit-msg’ hook installed successfully
> ‘pre-commit’ hook installed successfully
> ‘pre-push’ hook installed successfully
> > php artisan passport:keys || php -r “return 0;”
> In MemcachedConnector.php line 69:
> Class ‘Memcached’ not found

In Dockerfile is defined base image php-fpm-nginx:php-7.0 however I cannot view its definition anywhere in order to customize it.

Does anybody has an idea what is going on or how to resolve this problem.


You are probably missing the php-memcached package.

See the base Dockerfiles here:

Hope this helps!