Use different start positions on same crowdmap project



I wonder if it´s possible to use parameters in the crowdmap url to have it to display and/or zoom in on different parts of the crowdmap project. Reason why I ask is that we want to aggregate reports on the same map from different parts of our region, using links from different webpages.

Like this:

If  I’m linked from webbpage no 1 Isee that local area on the map, but if I’m linked from webpage no 2 I se a different local area of the same map.

This by adding parameters to the crowdmap url. Something like this:

Thank´s for any help with this!


Just want to bump this thread. Would really, really appreciate any response if this is possible to do or not.

Thank´s for a great map solution!


HI T68, Is there a reason you want to post zoom level this way?

Maybe change the zoom for the whole map? It sounds like it is a major customization. A deployer did this with his map : To highlight the different regions.