Two-way synching?


Hi there,

Awesome app, and much appreciated for the hard work on it.

I was wondering if there is a possibility to have two-way sms gateway functionality?

Not only pushing messages (and replying), but also listening to a URL and sending messages out when they appear in the feed on that URL?

If you think this functionality can be found in another app, I’m all ears - but it would be nice to have this functionality present if possible.

Thanks in advance!

– FT


Any of the developers care to give comment? Thanks in advance!


Hi taapo,

As far as other apps are concerned, Telerivet (along with the Telerivet API) is an easy way to both send and receive SMS through your Android phone:

(I’m the lead developer of Telerivet)



Hi Folks, We are working on the next version of SMS Sync. I"ll share your input with the lead developer.

Also see our docs