Twilio vs. Cloudvox for Voice and Text Reports


Researching Cloudvox, which works flawlessly for voice reports, I came across their competitor Twilio. It would be great if a plugin could be developed for that service so there are more choices.

I found the tutorials, videos, and information on the Twilio site to be way clearer than on Cloudvox, which is very hard to understand for people who are not developers or programmers.

Phone numbers: Cloudvox: $3.00, Twilio: $1.00, per month

Voice: Cloudvox: $0.03, Twilio: $0.01, per minute

SMS: Cloudvox: $0.03, Twilio: $0.02

Trial accounts, for testing your application: Cloudvox: 100 minutes or SMS, Twilio: $30 credit, which is 3,000 minutes or 1,500 SMS.

(Twilio also offers toll-free numbers for $2.00 (cheaper than a domestic number at Cloudvox!!!)

Evidently, pricing is a *huge* factor, especially for non-profits on very limited budgets. Lastly, has anyone been able to make SMS work with Cloudvox?


Twilio Please


HI there,

[Disclaimer: I work for Nexmo]

Maybe you want to check the Nexmo Wholesale SMS API plugin for Ushahidi here:

Nexmo gives you reach in over 200 markets with a wholesale direct-to-carrier model. We are also committed to lower barriers for NGOs in their SMS use and reducing its cost. We offer 10% discount for charities and nonprofit.

Let us know if you have questions. We would love to help!