Twilio Plugin please!


Reasons explained here: [url=http://][/url]


I also vote for a Twilio plugin


Hi there,

[Disclaimer: I work for Nexmo]

The Nexmo wholesale SMS API plugin is now live with Ushahidi

That lets you send SMS in over 200 countries (US coming soon) in a wholesale and direct to carrier model. Nexmo also offers 10% discount for charities and nonprofits.

Let us know if you have questions.


do you know when Mexico will be supported? sounds great.


Mexico that is a taught one! Carriers in Mexico are very hard to reach. They basically don't want SMS to reach their network from abroad. Other markets are similar: Argentina, Colombia & Brazil. Nexmo is working on cracking these markets e.g. getting local access, but no ETA yet. I recommend you to sign-up to Nexmo to keep you informed when we go live. Next country to go live is US.

Have you tried the plugin ?



no I'm using clickatell right now, but they are expensive for 2 ways sms. here:

I think its not like they don't want to, its that they don't really care or don't know that its possible to make money that way yet, as a mexican I can tell you its just a mather of persistance to crack their atention.

thanks I'll sign up then


Can you help us maybe troubleshoot our current SMS routes to Mexico? We can do some tests together and see the quality of delivery. We usually recommend our customers not to use us in Mexico to set expectations, therefore we don't have historical data on delivery ratio.


Send me a message to I'll be glad to help out.