Trustworthy APK sites?


Hi, I’m fairly new to all this but I’m trying to cut down my reliance on Google apps. I’m planning to finally get around to rooting my phone and removing Google apps and Google Services entirely. I’ve got alternatives to most of the apps anyway. But for non-Google apps, where can I safely find APKs? I know of F-Droid, but there’s not all that many offerings, pretty much none of the apps I want to re-install later. I know there’s lots of APK sites, but which ones are trustworthy? I’m cautious of random download sites, especially for software, and especially for something so personal and integral to my life as my phone. When I did a quick search for lists, they were all from sketchy tech “news” sites themselves. Do I even need sources beyond apkmirror and xda-labs, or should I just stick to those?


You must checkout this TricksGeek Blog which is totally safe and trustworthy sites ever been i saw.


Thanks tubemate is also one of the most popular app out there!