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I am trying out the SMSSync Droid app with my Ushahidi instances, but can't seem to get it to work. As a sanity check, I set up an instance at Crowdmap and the app works great. I don't see any errors in the error logs on my instances, which otherwise work great. The plugin is on, the Droid app is configured with the URL provided by the configuration page in Ushahidi. I turned on the auto-reply in SMSSync--that does work. I have tried both the 'stable' download from the Ushahidi web site and gotten the latest dev version from SVN. I am thinking that it is a configuration issue with Ushahidi or Apache, but I am not sure where to start. Anyone have any hints?


I have also had issues with SMSSync on my Android phone. I have only tried it with my own hosted instance and it fails to send and most of the time it fails to even receive the SMS for processing. The auto-reply does work for me too.

Has anybody had success in using the SMSSync app? I wonder if we can all contribute logs to the main developers and they could help us troubleshoot these problems.


Ok, a quick update - I just installed the latest version of the SMS plugin for Ushahidi, version 0.8 and it fixed all of the issues I had with the SMSSync Android app failing to send out messages. Good luck!

Now to get the email reporting to work...


-- QN Team SmsSync update --

It looks like the capability to send SMS messages in the Ushahidi SmsSync plugin wasn't added until version 0.8, so those using SmsSync should make sure they have the plugin v0.8 or later, as well as the latest version of the SmsSync app.

I've had issues with the app failing to send even with v0.8 of the plugin and v1.0.5 of the app. I downloaded the v1.0.5 source from github and noticed that while the plugin checks for a "send" task, the SmsSync app was sending out "sendsms" task requests. However, as phishee is able to send SMS messages, I assume the v1.0.5 source differs from the v1.0.5 app on the android market in that it correctly sends using a "send" request. SmsSync v1.0.6 and the latest source in the repository also have this corrected.

I was able to get the SmsSync app to work with a Droid Incredible running android 2.2, sending at 5 minute intervals without a problem. However, when attempting to send SMS on a Nexus S (android 2.3.4), I noticed that the app would make the "send" request only when the "Enable Task Checking" checkbox was checked, and would fail to continue sending these requests at the specified interval.

I compiled a version of the SmsSync app using a different method of task scheduling described here. This has fixed the sending issue on the Nexus S. The previous method was to use a java timer and run scheduleAtFixedRate() to run the task, and I'm not quite sure why that wasn't working.


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Now to get the email reporting to work…
Sound good try this