SwiftRiver/Sweeper: 500 and 404 error on installation


I was finally able to install both SwiftRiver and Sweeper at the least likely place: Siteground. They have an option to switch from the default PHP 5.2.9 to 5.3 or 6.0, either for the whole site or a particular directory.

I installed SwiftRiver on a subdomain and then switched that particular directory to PHP 5.3, proceeded with the installation and all went without a hitch until the very end, where instead of being taken to Sweeper, I got a 500 error and "in addition" a 404 error.

Checked database credentials, .htaccess, etc and all is fine.

Deleted SwiftRiver and created new directory for Sweeper, on new subdomain. Same exact thing.

Is the subdomain causing the problem? I cannot install at the root due to the main domain being a WordPress site. It must be a subdomain. (I can't install at the same location as WP because that part of the site is at Bluehost, which doesn't support PHP 5.3...)



The subdomain shouldn't be the problem. Do you have all the correct PEAR extensions?


How would I check that? I know how to check for PHP, but I don't see anything other than the path to PEAR on my control panel...


Are you on a mac or PC. Checking your file extensions is something you'll likely have to do from the command line. If this is too much of a pain, I'm happy to setup a cloud deployment for you.