Swiftriver - no sweeper interface?


I've installed Swift on my dedicated server. I passed through the web installer without any problems but on being taken to the application web interface there isn't any means of adding channels - its just a page of buttons that don't seem to work. What am I doing wrong?


It sounds like a javascript problem or a bad install. Email me privately and I'm happy to setup a hosted instance.


I'm also having the same problem with 0.5.0. I have only one Tab (Accurate Content), which leads nowhere and a Login button that doesn't do anything.


ianrhw - 0.5.0 is depreciated. It's a common misconception. Originally we were packaging the 'core' SwiftRiver code with the various apps like Sweeper and SwiftMeme as they were developed. Then we began shipping Sweeper as a standalone app at v0.2, the current version of Sweeper is v0.3

You can find it at http://github.com/ushahidi/sweeper



Now trying with sweeper 3.0. Can log in and create users, but source and turbine buttons seem dead. Working on it.


I installed sweeper v0.3, and after the installation I get only one Tab (Dashboard) with no content, Login button that is not working, I have tryed admin-admin, admin-mypassword, etc...


All of these issues are related to the environment: either PEAR extensions that are old or PHP versions that are old. In some rare cases it's the browser (if you're using IE6 or 7).

I'm happy to set up cloud deployments for you both if that helps. Sorry for the troubles!


I installed Sweeper in Red Hat 5, browse from IE8 from another PC,

all PEAR extensions and PHP are latest version.

but still, Impulse Turbine, Reactor Turbine, Source not working

at the bottom left of IE, shows 'javascript:ConfigureImpulseTurbine()' when click on Impulse Turbine.