SwiftRiver install issue


Hello all,

I am unable to end the installation of Swiftriver software.

I followed thoroughly install instructions as reported in Ushahidi installation wiki, all software (apache 2.4.3, MySql 5.5.29 and php 5.3.21) has been installed from scratch, machine is a 64 bit Ubuntu 11.04 and I am currently managing it (so no cPanel or other restrictions).

Software has been installed in wwwroot/SwiftRiver through git but when I try to access the web server the link in the browser gets modified in


and I get a 404 - page not found error.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Thank you in advance



HI DVN, sorry for the delayed response. We are rewriting the SwiftRiver code and docs. Please find the latest versions here:



I’ll share your inquiry with the developer team. Perhaps they can assist more too.