Support call log


Could you please add a feature to be able to retrieve call logs from the phone thru HTTP Server/API?

Thanks in advance!



I think it would help if you told us why that would be useful, what problem would it solve? There’s only time to do so much, and the most useful things get done first :slight_smile:

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Hello, David,

I would like to verify user’s phone number given on my website, but I don’t want to send verification codes via SMS. I am going to ask user either to send me SMS or call me (so it would be free for them). To support last option, I should be able to access calls log. Or to be notified thru API call about such calls immediately.


Why not send him a verification code URL via SMS? It will guarantee that he has this number, and the URL hit will come in via Internet. You would not have to pick up call logs.

Besides, I don’t think any SMS gateway does the call processing thing, for obvious reasons.