Sources link not working on Sweeper


I recently installed Sweeper and everything seemed to be working fine, but when I login I press the "Sources" button and it does nothing - in fact, all the buttons at the top right do nothing.

My install path is:

Did I miss something? Any help would be great, I'm trying to get this up and running for a flood that is a few days out thanks to all the rain.


Same problem for me. Had a lot of trouble getting Login and Add User Buttons to work, but that was down to faulty rewrite in apache2. Those 2 buttons working but now getting a 500 error on all three others.


Hey guys, sorry about this. We aren't very active on this forum so it takes us a while.

Can you guys tell us more about your server environment?

PHP Version

MySQL Version

PEAR and PEAR Extensions present?


I had the same problem but I managed to locate solve it. I checked the log and found that there is error in the log file:

"ERROR: ErrorException [ 8192 ]: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated ~ /usr/share/php/Log.php"

I changed the line 168 in "/usr/share/php/Log.php" and resolved this problem.

"$obj = &new $class($name, $ident, $conf, $level);" change to "$obj = new $class($name, $ident, $conf, $level);"

hope this helps


Thanks for following up on this Masud! In other deployments it's helped to make sure PEAR and PEAR LOG are up to date.


thanks masud.. it works!

fyi, i install sweeper in xampp environment


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