Some problems on android app


Hi, I have created a project on crowdmap and now i’m tryng to compile a report with adroid ushahidi app but i’m having some problems, in particular the point is not visible on the map, it come visible only if i try to modify manually the coordinate. Another problem is that i can’t find my project when i search it on the section “find map around me”, but only by URL. Last thing, sometimes the reports are not correctly sended.
Did anyone find the same problems? Or does anyone know if these problems will be resolved?

The form compilation via web work very well but it is unconfortable if used by a smartphone. Maybe a mobile optimized web version can be a good alternative to the app. What do you think about?

Tank you in advance


Hi, Diego. We have experienced the same problems. We had a very good experience with crowdmap, performing environmental and epidemiological surveillance in n area of 3,000+ houses burned, (Hope you read spanish), and then, when we tried to implement it for helping aborigin communities after a socioenvironmental disaster linked to red tide, it started to show the same problems as you are experiencing. Nowadays, we (not informatics) are struggling to install an Ushahidi version in our own hosting and keep trying. I know ushahidi guys (and girls) still consider the App as a beta version,


Help me pls, cant install mobile app recorder to my samsung, what i need to do?