SMSSync & Wifi Hotspot


Hi everybody,

I am trying to work with SMSSync and encounter an issue :

  • I have a computer with a php REST end point.
  • I have an android phone with SMSSync well configured to my REST end point.

So now, I created a hotspot WIFI with my android phone. With a browser, i can reach my php application. But SMSSync seems to not be able to synchronize with my REST end point. Moreover I have this message : Data Connection [No] on the logs page.

So my question is : Is is possible to have a hotspot WIFI enabled and the SMSSync app working at the same time ?



Hi there,

Do I need to clarify more this point ? As with a browser I can access my php application, I don’t undestand why the SMSSync App do not allow me to reach it too.

Any idea ?

Thanks and Happy new year !