SMSSync: Filter Keyword Usage



I am aiming to use SMSSync to forward texts to a website only when they BEGIN with a certain keyword. This keyword should be case insensitive, which at present (v1.1.9 Beta) it is not.

Does SMSSync interpret regular expressions when dealing with the keyword? I am yet to find much documentation covering the keyword filter feature, and have even tried without success to use "keyword, KEYWORD, Keyword". Should they been comma-separated like that? I have even tried looking into the source code on github, but I'm out of my depth! Is there a way this could be implemented? Could I have a code snippet, or any guidance on getting REGEX to work here?

Thanks very much for any help, and loving the app so far!

Ollie :)


I know I'm being impatient, but is anyone able to let me know how feasible this might be?

At present, I am sending all texts, but it means I cannot use the "Auto Delete Messages", or it'll delete my personal messages too.

Cheers :)