SMSSync doesn't work with screen off



Just installed SMSSync and coded a quick little backend to insert everything into a DB, and send back answers from it.
Checking the nginx’s access_logs, I can see that the app works fine as long as it’s on the foreground with the screen on, but if I let the screen turn off for too much time it stops checking for tasks. It’s configured to check every minute, so I do see a check every minute for a while, then nothing.

When I power up the screen again the app isn’t in the foreground anymore, the notification saying the gateway is up is still there but I have to manually open up the app again to make it work. Looks to me like the app crashes, I did see that happen a lot with the screen on so I assume that’s just what happens when the screen is off.

On a different subject I think the deviceId is missing from GET /?task=send, isn’t it ? I can’t understand how to differentiate the different devices when I want to send an outgoing text.


Yeah it seems to crash, I installed “KeepItRunning” to restart it automatically and now it’s “solved”. Still, quite an ugly “fix”.

Doesn’t help with the deviceId though, any idea on that ? Am I just missing it somehow ?