SMSSync crashing all the time


Hello, i have problem with this app… It is crashing all time BUT still working! When app do autosync it’s stoped and go to try. I tried to to send sms when app go to try and app forwarding to server anyway.
Samsung galaxy s3 neo i9301i, android 4.4.2


i am also getting the same problem, is there an update on the same issue ?


Could you confirm this is working on v2.8.0


Hi Henry & all, I would like to share this question from the Dev chat on Skype, please note that the tone and caps are not my own I am simply copying and pasting. Any kind of ideas, or reply would be great! I am posting it here because it seems to be related issue. Kind regards REM

I am confused… any assistance greatly appreciated. We are having issues with a FEW of our phones. We use the them MIA (missing in action)… phones just stop sending Task, Auto Sync or even reply syncs to the ‘Service URL’… considerable research has gone into this issue on our side… and we were certain it was a MEMORY limit reached on a phone… SO I DID THE FOLLOWING and stumbled into the USECASE presented after steps…

  1. UnMounted the SD card… SmsSync reports ‘Log is saved on SD card at -----’
  2. Swapped OUT 4GIG Sd card for a 128Gig SD card
  3. Mounted the new card… Formatted the new card…
    Launched SMS Sync and Log reports log saved on SD card as before…
    I went into the log and LOW AND BEHOLD there are entries for YESTERDAY???
    Since resuming with this NEW SD card the device is stuck giving a never ending series of ‘Unfortunately SMS >Sync has Stopped’ Working
    May I get some IDEAS? or even experienced assistance with this condition

Launched SMS Sync and Log reports log saved on SD card as before…


I’m suspecting the app is force closing due to a bug introduced in recent release. Which version of SMSsync are you running? I have pushed a fix v.2.8.2. The SD card issue is a bit strange. I’m not sure what might be going on over there. Could you consider upgrading to the latest version if you haven’t done so already?


@eyedol Thanks so much! You’re the best! Relayed your response and directed them to reply here but if I catch any answers re: Skype I’ll put them here as well. Kind regards, and will remember for future, forum is #1 start place. Very much appreciate your response. :relaxed: