SMS Sync Crashing


I’ve started the service, to check for tasks in server.

However, I’m getting forceclose. In CatLog:

Start proc org.addhen.smssync for broadcast org.addhen.smssync/.presentation.receiver.AutoSyncScheduledReceiver
Could not fnid method android.provider.Telephony$Sms.getDefaultSmsPackage, referenced from method org.addhen.smssync.presentation.util.Utility.isDefaultSmsApp
at org.addhen.smsync.presentation.service.AutoSyncScheduledService.executeTask(
at org.addhen.smsync.presentation.service.BaseWakefulIntentService.doWakefulWork(

then after a couple of times, I’m getting:

Process org.addhen.smsync has crashed too many times: killing!
Killing proc 6173:org.addhen.smsync/u0a10075: crash

Unable to launch app org.addhen.smsync/10075 for broadcast (…) process is bad


Unchecking “Get Reply from Server” under “Settings -> Messages” solved it. Any ideas on why?


From what I can see, it’s an issue with sms reading permissions on Android < 5. I’ve had the same problem in two different devices, rendering the 2-way messaging unusable.