SMS Sync Crashing when editing settings


I have installed SMSSync on two different Android phones, one Samsung and one Tecno. The app installs with no problem and I was able to sync it with my FrontlineSMSCloud account, but when I go to edit the settings I am having problems. The first time I go in to settings everything is fine, but as soon as I choose to edit the syncing frequency I am kicked out, SMSSync closes and I receive a message stating "Unfortunately SMSSync has stopped".

I have written to FrontlineSMS folks about the problem, but they had not heard of the problem from other users and sent me to this forum. Has anyone had a similar experience and/or thoughts on how to debug the issue?

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Task checking frequency not working & crash

Hi , pinging  to help you out with your issue.


Could be that you've discovered a bug with SMSSync crashing because of the version of Android running on your devices. What Android version do you have? Also this is more of an SMSSync issue not FrontlineCloud


I am having exactly same problem.

My Android Version is 4.1.2. (I auto upgraded 1 weeks ago. At that old version, problem was same)

My smart phone version is LG F180L20t.





Hi @doctorgu, are you still having issues with your android application?
cc @eyedol


I have the same problem. To create the error I do the following:

  1. Open the app through the notification bar.
  2. Select Sync URL menu
  3. Press the menu button on the phone to bring up the menu options,: Delete All and Settings
  4. I touch the Setting button on the screen
  5. Error messages stating app has stopped unexpectedly.

Phone details are:
Make: Sony Ericsson
Model: LT15i
Android Ver: 2.3.4

I have a second phone where this error doesn’t occur:
Make: Micromax
Model: A27
Android Ver: 2.3.5