SMS are send over and over again


Hi community,

I am using smssync to forward sms message to an url which is working quite well. However - messages are never moved from folder “Income” to folder “Pusblished” and therefore often send multiple times to the server until I have delelted them manually from the app.

Does anyone know why messages are not not moved to the published folder? Does the server url receiving the SMS send any specific HTTP or JSON reponse?

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there is indeed the requirement that the server should confirm that the message has been processed.

Have you checked the developer documentation here ?



This has happened to me too. You need to clear all SMS from the SMS INBOX (the standard inbox of the mobile app). What’s happening is that, the SMSSync app is pulling SMS from there every time, and sending it again and again. The messages in the INCOMING are NOT stuck; they are always new (pulled from main inbox) on refresh. You need to empty that in order to fix this issue.


I have the same problem. My solution sends “success” status, messages are moved to Published -folder, but old messages are coming again and again back to Incoming folder.