Size limit in Add/Edit KML?



I've converted some SHP files to KML, and am trying to display them Ushahidi. I've verified that I can Add/Edit a subset of each of these layers (~1Mb in size; SHP clipped in QGIS and then converted to KML with OGR), however the full converted KML files (~20Mb, same method for SHP->KML conversion) won't upload. For these larger KML files, the upload process seems to complete without error, but afterwards the KML files simply fail to appear in the list of uploaded layers.

If anybody has an insight or has had the same experience, please reply.




Hi Chris,

For upload size limit, the restriction is in your PHP configuration. You need to adjust the upload_max_filesize parameter. Also, because of the time it takes to upload the file, you may have to adjust the max_execution_time parameter too.

As for the size of the KML, I would recommend you try and trim down the level of detail in the KML because naturally, large files take a long time to load on the browser. Also, do have a look at the KML best practices post we put up sometime back: