Settings not showing up


I’ve just downloaded SMSSync onto a Samsung phone - the Setup screens shown in aren’t showing up - just the one at the bottom left (Pending/Sent). Is there a secret action you need to do to access Settings.

If I go to the phone’s Settings App - and into SmsSync it shows a much smaller set of settings, with nothing that can be changed.

I’m new to Android so I’m wondering is there some kind of permissions thing needed before these settings are revealed?


Thanks Mitra, We are working on an upcoming SMSync new launch in the coming week. Can you take a look at github and see if there are any similar tickets open on your cited issue?

I will also ask the developer to take a quick look at this forum post.



The only thing possibly related would be but that is marked fixed. How are you supposed to find the settings - in the Settings app under SMSSync I presume? By the way … documentation is a bit then ! Its hard to know if I’m doing something wrong, or if the app is broken.  Mitra


Mitra, yes there is an issue with the SMSSync on the Android market. It doesn’t support devices running ICS and above very well. However this issue has been fixed in the upcoming release. You can take a look at it here


Thanks Eyedol - I downloaded this version and am testing it. Please excuse my being an Android newbie - normally I use an iPhone and they are different enough to be non-intuitive.

Some issues I spotted:

It replaced the previous version of SMSSync, but removed the icon - there is now no icon for SMSSync on the apps screen, so I think if I exit this app I won’t be able to restart it?

SMSSync now lets me get into settings, they look completely different to the screenshots - which I presume is a version change -

When  I hit “Enable Auto Sync” it tells me “The SMSSync Service is not running”  but doesn’t tell me how to make it run. (I see now that I have to exit settings, setup a sync URL, come back to settings and then enable Auto Sync).

Notably absent is the place to set the Callback URL - I spent ages trying all the settings, before I exited Setup and found “Sync URL” on the main screen, I would have thought that was a setting ?

Could I suggest that there is a way during the setup of the URL process to test it. For example by sending a well defined query to the server that then responded. I am imagining someone in a country disconnected from the server trying to setup the gateway and not knowing if it is set up right, and that a TEST button would be useful .

Maybe the TEST button could send a copy of the settings, and get back feedback … For example we will need to make sure the phone is set to Poll the server for outgoing SMS, and I am seeing as a significant failure point being the likelihood that the owner of the Phone sets up the gateway incorrectly and that we are trying to debug this by phone from the US for example.

A test button would also help debug the server (something I’m trying to do now) with otherwise no way to generate the JSON calls.



P.S. If this feedback really belongs somewhere else please let me know.  I’m not sure how you are split discussion between Github and here.



Version 2.0.0 has significantly changed and it’s not officially released yet that is why the documentation still has the 1.x.x version. We’re working on updating the documentation to accommodate the new changes.

This is the forum for discussing issues and getting help in solving them.

Regarding the test button, this is a feature request. Please post it here – We’ll find time to implement it in future versions.

Thanks for the feedback.



Thanks Eyedol - I’ve opened a request, .



Eyedol - is here the place to point out problems with the documentation ? Specifically - on

It has a line

success: “true”

which looks wrong - if this is a boolean on the server, its going to be

success: true

Also - how would failure be indicated , and does SMS Sync do anything with that ?

Also … if task=send, is there any feedback back to the server of success/failure, I’ve seen that on other gateway API’s and it seems necessary for the server to get a positive response that the message has either been forwarded, queued for later sending, or failed.  (Maybe that’s a new feature request).

Thanks again