Server hardware for ushahidi deployment


Hello, Im currently deploying ushahidi in a VPS, currently im in the process of buying a new VPS.

I have experience in lux administration, but i dont have any idea how much resources the ushahidi platform uses.
Im going for a 2G RAM, dual core 2GZ, 20Gb disk, VPS, but the thing is im not sure if its enough or it is a lot. The VPS would be running just apache and mysql, so it would be fully dedicated.

Im planning that i should receive a lot of concurrent visits to the webpage in certain events (maybe 1000 per minute getting very optimistical), but that would be just in specific moments. ¿Would the ram and processor be enough?.
Will the hard disk space be enough for the long term use. Particularly if the users start uploading photos…

Are the photos stored in the database or filesystem?? Wouldn’t the database slow with too many photos?

Any advantage using Mariadb instead of mysql for the db?

Any other optimizations tips??