SEO Plugin


A plugin where admin could specify meta titles & descriptions for various types of views (pages, reports, tags, categories) would be great. Yes?


Very important plugin, hope it will be available soon


Hi Folks, might you describe the feature more so that we can engage the community?






You need to make plugin like:

All in One SEO Pack

It’s very important!


Heather, specifically I think the following would be super useful from an SEO perspective:

  1. Ability to control title tags of each static page

  2. Dynamic pages already have title tags which is the reports title. However would benefit I think if everything after the bar was removed e.g. “some report title | your deployments name”. This is because it’s apparently best practice from an SEO standpoint to limit the number of characters int he titles to no more than 70.

  3. Crucial and I believe mega important for search - a dynamic sitemap that automatically updates with the major search engines. I added it to feature requests today. Just hammering the point here!


Hi Doug, I added the detail to github as a feature request:

Please feel free to add more details to the ticket