'sent_to' parameter is actually sending 'from' to server


Please help fix this ASAP, since without this our server doesn’t know what phones are actually registered as valid gateways in our database!!!

Expected Behavior
Back in version 2.8.3, SMSSync used to send ‘sent_to’ which was the phone number of the gateway, and ‘from’ which was the phone number that sent ‘message’.

Now in version 3.0.4, SMSSync now MISTAKENLY reports the same phone number for both ‘sent_to’ and ‘from’ fields. They are both the phone number that sent ‘message’.

“POST /smssync HTTP/1.1” 200 32 “” “SMSSync-Android/v3.0.4”
{‘from’: u’+15104231760’, ‘message_id’: u’60a5d46f-f6c5-40ae-865a-f4e6724129f8’, ‘secret’: u’10002’, ‘sent_timestamp’: u’1452044653000’, ‘message’: u’Menu’, ‘sent_to’: u’+15104231760’, ‘device_id’: u’10002’}

sent_to gives in correct number v.3.02

I’m also seeing something similar on some instances of SMSSync on 2.8.3, we’ve got one that is sending its secret as the sent_to field. From our HTTP log …
{‘from’: u’+14159372145’, ‘message_id’: u’5a56cf69-acf5-4c84-a3cc-d7da746f03d4’, ‘secret’: u’2290002’, ‘sent_timestamp’: u’1453823702000’, ‘message’: u’HELP’, ‘sent_to’: u’2290002’, ‘device_id’: u’2290002’}

I spotted this one since it just generated 20,000 entries in our error logs :smile: