Sending Text Messages


I know this seems like a real annoying newbie question, but I can't for the life of me find this very simple answer anywhere in the documentation or in the forums. It's as simple as this: how does a "user" (grassroots contributor of data) submit via a text message??

yes, I see all the documentation about connecting to, or signing up with an SMS service (but the United States, do I really need to do this?) -- But the real question for me right now is, what web form, url or other, does the user need to see or visit in order to send information (a report, photo, anything...) to me (i.e. my Ushahidi data collection)?

So, for instance, if I'm setting up something very informal, just as a test, using my own personal phone number for the text messages, I still don't understand how to both "set up" Ushahidi to accept certain text messages, and even more perplexing, is how to direct the user to send such messages.

I apologize in advance if these questions seem confusing or totally off base. I consider myself a fairly smart guy, but I cannot seem to find anywhere documentation or other information that illustrates how to do this.

In the interest of community, or at the very least compassion, somebody please put me out of my misery and point me in the right direction.