RSS feed derived from deployment


Note that I’m not talking about the RSS feed that appears on a deployments homepage. What I’m asking for would be a link to cut/paste from somewhere in admin that is an RSS of the reports.

This would be useful because with a deployment RSS then, in my case and in the case of others I have read on this forum, we could auto update our social media outlets including Facebook and Twitter.

With an RSS feed derived from the deployment, each time a report is approved, for example, the report would be added to the deployments Facebook and Twitter accounts.



+1 from me. I really think this is a very useful feature. Is there any work in progress for this?


@Vassilis this actually already exists. When you go to your settings page in admin, select enable RSS.

Once you have done that go to your deployments website and then type “/feed” on the end.

I had previously assumed that this setting related to the RSS on the homepage but it’s actually to create a feed derived from the deployment as per post.

Perhaps the description on this setting would benefit from an update as there appears to be some confusion!


Thank you doug! I hadn’t realized that. It is, as you say, kind of confusing.


Glad you were able to resolve this temporarily. As you both know, we are working to incorporate feature requests into 3.0

Hope you can give input