Request to approve Ushahidi translation in Marathi



I need to translate the Ushahidi platform in Marathi, an Indian language.
I created my account at Transifex and browsed to There I could not find Marathi, hence I requested it through “Request Language”.

But even after 3 days, the status is still “Marathi (Requested by praxisnfp)”.

I request to approve Marathi for translation, so that further I can request Crowdmap team to include Marathi in it.

Thanks & Regards.



It has been a few days that I requested for a new language on Transifex.
But still no reply from the community ???

Is there some other way?

Can I download language files from github, create a new folder mr_IN, copy files from en_US and start translation?

Its urgen and your help is solicited .