Reports not being sent to Ushahidi from Swiftriver


I am experiencing similar problems as another user reported in Google Groups. Currently, I have Ushahidi 2.0.1 and swift-0.5.0 installed on my Mac development computer. Through Swiftriver, I am successfully processing incoming tweets and other sources such as blog feeds.

I have also setup the Swiftriver Reactor Turbine to point to "http://

localhost/ushahidi" by modifying the file DynamicModuleConfiguration.xml

with the above URL. I have also changed my "hosts" file to reference a domain for localhost to check if that was the issue.

The file contains the following:


name="Ushahidi Url" type="string" description="The fully qualified url

to the Ushahidi instance you want to communicate with (please dont

include the API path, just the root)" value="http://localhost/


As of this time, I have not seen any reports in Ushahidi generated by

SwiftRiver. In the logs, I am getting the following error (which may or may not have anything to do with the push module)

ERROR: Kohana_Request_Exception [ 0 ]: Unable

to find a route to match the URI: media/js/css_browser_selector.js ~

SYSPATH/classeskohanarequest.php [ 579 ]

Any ideas on why reports are not being sent to my Ushahidi instance from Swiftriver? Do I need to upgrade the plugin - if so, how would I go about it? Any thoughts would be great!


It's perhaps because it's on a localhost. Also, we did release a new version of the plugin a few weeks ago that may solve this issue for you.



I'm experiencing the same problem with Ushahidi and Sweeper version 0.3.1.

How did you fixed this?



@phishee So the latest version of Sweeper should fix this however make sure both PHP and your PEAR extensions are all up to date.

@shmc This should fix the problem for you too. However, it may be a javascript issue. If so, and you use Firefox, try downloading a plugin called Firebug an run it on the page to see if it generates any error reports