Providing any services related to Ushahidi



We can provide any support for users how want to install, configure, update, make theme or solve a problem with Ushahidi scrip. We've made many installs such as:

Also we support installing Arabic language

Thank you



I do need some help with Arabic support. RTL is just killing me.


Hello ratibah,

No problem, we are ready to design and install a new theme to your site which includes RTL support.

This is our email:, please contact us to help you.

Thank you


Hello dear rtaibah,

Nice to meet you.

I am interested in access to the RTL theme you have made for yourself on this site. It looks great.

Are you willing to share it on with the rest of the world? (I'd be happy to link back to you upon writing about this theme)

(A no is also an answer, and I would understand it)

With regards,