Progess tracking in time line and customized searches


I'm preparing a project to use ushaidi as acoordiantion tool. i would need:

*time line to detect projects that are Overdue (detection of problems based on a temporary(date) tag)

*On the admin site show "alarms" of elements to be specific carefull of based on a Field of a form (different from cathegory)

*make searches (customized) for specific fields on the forms)

*Wrap up the Ushahidi platform to a framed website

*Close part of the data (password proteced) to some users and let some others available to the rest (public information would should not contain for example Budget problems)

*Having two different databases 8for 2011 and 2012 projects)

we have some PhP, CSS and MYSQL skills at the office but I was wandering if ther are any widget or apps that already do that over Juba version.

could be good to use Ushahidi for something not related to reporting but to information sharing..i think the potential is there (any similar projects to check would be perfect).Let me know!



HI Robert, you’ve asked and, I think, resolved some of these issues. Please advise as they are not really feature requests, but requests for help.