Problem with https in Crowdmap Classic


In dealing with a deployment, using an older version of Crowdmap Classic, I noticed a security warning that I should go to settings and enable “https” mode. I went ahead and did this in the settings, and it seems to be causing some problems. I can’t view the website with the deployment, unless I manually remove change “https” to “http” in the URL. I’m fairly certain I could simply fix this problem by turning https back off in settings, but if I try to do that I am once again unable to view the website when I try to save the settings. Additionally, though I am currently logged in, I am unable to do so on other machines for the same reason.

If you wanted to see the problem firsthand, you can find it at
Notice how if you try to click to any other pages, they will not load.
Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this problem?