Photos not showing



Can anyone tell me what the limitation is for a photo attachment on a report? I can do small photos but something like a 2mb file isn't working.



Does the photo upload successfully? Or does it fail on upload.

Many servers have a default upload limit of 2MB that is set by the php settings. Check your server's limits, and see if it is possible to increase that. (It often is).


Yes, it loads successfully and posts the report in my crowdmap deployment. I've been able to upload up to about 1.5 mb, anything more and it seems to disappear.


So let me get this straight:

Photos < 1.5 mb upload fine and behave as expected throughout the site

Photos > 1.5 mb upload successfully but don't show up on the site? Are you certain they have uploaded? Check the media directory to make sure the photos are there.

Again, I suspect you are running into your server's upload limit.


This is with the webbased crowdmap, so I don't know what that upload limit is nor where to find the media directory.


Hey Geoff, sorry for this late reply.

If you’re still noticing this, please let us know at so we can sort this out. You should be able to upload files greater than 2MB.


So let me get this straight: