Our IRC Channel


Our IRC channel is now up. For live chat support don't hesitate to head over there. It lives on irc.freenode.net #ushahidi

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I am new to ushahidi i have some problem regarding its intallation i got the server error 500 please help me toslove the issue


When will u guys actually be active on your IRC ..

I wanna really get into act.. Its been time to ask my questions..


500 error may be Windows install. I just got it working, took about 2 hours - some of that was bad version in Git, some was IIS / PHP headaches.

A few quick tips:

  • in PHP.ini - output_buffering = Off - Otherwise you may get just a blank screen or 500 errors due to php buffering the output and IIS not processing the detailed error.

  • in PHP.ini - implicit_flush = On - This will help ensure everything is sent to your browser to be displayed

  • If you get errors saying headers were already output then you may have warnings in your PHP output, those will need to be resolved / turned off for things to work

  • I'll likely support hosting this at BitShop, I'll do a little more on it before I commit to that but it looks like a highly useful tool for both disasters and just crowd sourced news in general for your community.

    Good luck,

    Steve Radich



#INQnetwork at freenode is quite a nice place to visit. I visited #ushahidi ; but got disappointed due to no activity there; hope you people will become active.


Sounds like an all around fun time!


IRC channel is dead :( Any plans to revive it?


Hi Mart, Eyedol and I are on IRC daily.  The Skype developer channel is active daily with community members.

I’ve started to adjust my communications to include “Skype or IRC”. Really, it is like the discussion - “mailing lists vs forums”. What the community decides to use, we use?

(Contact page on the wiki with all the links)

Personally, I’d be happy if all the channels were used. We are growing. One thing we are working towards is making it easier to get engaged in the community. (eg. a more visible and accessible website)