Need SMSsync with GET method


Dear all,

I need smssync with GET method.

Also need limited parameters in the API push. Mobile number, text and date time.
Sample api:

Please help.

Thanks a Lot



SMSSync already sends a GET request for picking up SMS from server. Can you clarify your requirement?



Dear Saad

I want the incoming sms to ve forwarded to a HTTP API by GET method.

I am not talking about sending sms with get method.

Kindly help. Thanks


The app only supports POST and PUT methods.

Why don’t you write a custom page on server which could handle the incoming SMS parameters from app through POST, and then generate a customized GET request to your actual HTTP API page? You will have control over everything.


Dear Saadaan

The Get API are 3rd party applications. I have to add 1 more intermediary application causing unnecessary delay and possible data lapse.

So if this can be done by Android app itself would be preferred.