Navista - customized look and ads


I was impressed to see Navista ( today. It's the first time any of us have seen an instance of Ushahidi with ads running on it. The customization is top-notch.


great stuff. :)


I am the person doing ushahidi for world-wide reporting of African-themed news and events. How do I configure the default location so it would not be country specific? I want my users to be able to report from any where. In my testing, when a report is sent from Pittsburg, California, it shows up as Pittsburg, CA, India, or Nigeria, or United States, depending on the country in the default location. Is this fixable? Thanks for all your help.



Not sure of which release of Ushahidi you are running. If its the recent one, then go to the map settings page and select yes to the question "Does this Ushahidi Instance Span Multiple Countries?" If its an old release of Ushahidi, then consider upgrading.


I'm using v1.0 (according to the banner image) but I don't see this setting (and the map controls in settings/map are disabled).

Can you specify were it is and for which version it applies?

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I couldn´t see Navista link is broken