Multiple installs of maps


I want to create a site where I will have lots of maps. Almost all of these would be disparate. Hence, it would not be a good idea to have each map as a category.

I have seen this:Multiple Scenarios

Doesn’t really work for me. Flu, HIV and cancer can work together as a master Health map.

But what I have in mind are a cluster of such master maps. One could be of fashion, another about environment.

The way I see it: I will have to install Ushahidi multiple times on a domain.

Is there any best practice idea somewhere? :confused:



write2kill - I am setting up a site with a similar requirement. I will have separate maps for each state in the United States and am using multiple installs of Ushahidi to different directories on the same web server. For example, under my www root is /net/VT, /net/NY, and so on with each state map centered.


Guess I will need to do the same thing too. Probably have some overview page from where I can show some of the mapps occasionally.


Hey guys,

If you want to do multiple standalone maps, you can use “MHI” which has a setting in one of the PHP config files to turn it on. This only works with subdomains, so you could have and - The code runs out of the same directory, but there will have to be different databases for both.

We don’t provide any support for this feature so you would be on your own to figure out most of it, but it’s possible. This is what runs Crowdmap Classic.