Looking for an experienced Ushahidi developer in the US


Hey all,

I'm creating a Bongo!/Foursquare type app and I'm looking for a developer. If you're interested, and experienced, please contact me at alpha1906@gmail.com. Thanks!



I would  like to do paid customizations to ushahidi platform, if you’re still interested.

My Email: customvivvo@gmail.com


Fayez Saeed Qandeel

Web Developer



I’m interested in such skills as well. Anyone here?


HI Shan and everyone, we are always happy to post developer help required requests in the Weekly reports:  http://blog.ushahidi.com/?s=weekly&submit_button=Search

Also, perhaps if you are still looking, you can post to the Ushahidi developer mailing list? How to join: