Locales and mobile apps



I’ve been adapting one of the locales (i.e. en-GB) to have part of the vocabulary adapted to our purposes (e.g. reports -> memories). This is working fine and the web app now shows the updated vocabulary.

However, I’m trying to have this vocabulary adapted also for the users who access the Ushahidi app through the Android/iOS apps. Is the selection of locale currently supported in the mobile apps? If so, either by creating a new locale different from en-GB or using the adapted one, is there any way that I can also have mobile users see the updated vocabulary?

Many thanks!


The locale for the webapp will not update the mobile apps. @eyedol should be able to help you with localization on Android.

For iOS, there are localizations in the project, but you’re going to have to rebuild the app on your own https://github.com/ushahidi/Ushahidi_iPhone/tree/master/Ushahidi.bundle


To add to @brianherbert you have to build both apps 1,2 once you change the strings. All the locales for both Android/iOS are on transifex. See 3 and 4